CBD Green Plant Oil

CBD oil is both a food supplement and the oil can benefit you through massage. Totally safe and legal, with our own recommendation, based on personal experience, that it improves wellbeing.

Our CBD Green Plant oil and products from Maxx4 – why we believe it’s your best choice

Any questions about Maxx4, our CBD Green Plant oil supplier, please contact us at connect@spasatori.co.uk and this video all about Maxx4, Europe’s finest organic Green Plant oil will tell you all about the massage oil, including:

  • ingredients – produced from the whole plant, not just the stalk. All ingredients are organic and free from preservatives
  • extraction method – the Critical  CO² Method is used which guarantees the purity (other methods can cause contamination with ethanol and gasoline being in the oil)
  • levels of Chemicals, terpenes – these components work together to give you the benefits of the oil
  • organic sunflower oil as a carrier, increases viscosity and helps the absorption of the oil into the body orally. It also adds lecithins which kickstart the absorption of the cannabinoids into your body.
  • level of THC is under 0.2% which is below legal levels

Ordering your Food Supplement products

All of the Maxx4 products (oils, balm, soap, vapes, tea, caramels) are available to order through Jennie, one of Satori’s therapists:


Maxx 4 – all you need to know

Maxx4 are a healthcare company which started in 2009 and are members of the Trades Association.
All ingredients are grown in Spain and tested by a government lab
Products you can buy CBD Oil through Jennie from Maxx4 are:

  • balm
  • food supplements of various strengths
  • soap
  • caramels and
  • tea.

A full range of FAQs from Maxx4