Laser hair removal – what happens when?

You’re considering laser hair removal and are looking for a more detailed description of what happens when and what’s involved. So you’ve made it this far, what’s next? What’s the plan?

1.Consultation & patch test

Allow 48 hours between your patch test & your 1st session. Essential preparation before you come for your patch test:

  • remove the hair by SHAVING only. Waxing, threading, plucking and bleaching are prohibited- these methods remove the hair bulb which is essential for laser hair removal
  • The area must be free of Fake tan, perfume & deodorant.
During-patch test & consultation

We will carry out a patch test on a small area of skin on the area you plan to have your laser hair removal sessions on. You may feel a warm prickling sensation during this which is completely normal.
The patch test takes a few seconds and this is to determine suitability to proceed with treatment. You will be invited back in a minimum of 48 hours for your first session on the area of your choice. You will shave the night before ensuring ALL hair is removed.

Your therapist will also cover:

  • your medical history and contraindications
  • assessment of areas to be treated
  • summarise laser hair reduction and the effects
  • discuss possible adverse reactions
  • determine why you’re seeking treatment
  • manage your expectations and goals
  • explain the effect of the sun and changes to medication.
After your patch test

The patch test will determine suitability. If there is no reaction you will be able to proceed.
There may be adverse effects of laser such as pain, erythema, swelling, blistering, scabbing, burns, crusting, and hyper/hypo pigmentation. Each will be assessed accordingly.
You will be educated and given essential aftercare advice.

2. Course of 6 treatments

A recommended course of 6 will get you going on your laser hair removal journey.

  • Having laser hair treatment on your face? Wait at least 4 weeks between your sessions for best results.
  • Having laser hair treatment on your body? Wait at least 6 weeks between your sessions for best results.

After your laser hair removal session

We will apply aloe vera to the areas we have treated. It is important to follow instructions given to you such as avoiding

  • sun beds
  • waxing and
  • taking photosensitive medications.